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Beyond 2022 live: Analytics and cloud news, product updates, and data driven software launches


Embedded analytics matters

ThoughtSpot announces the availability of CodeSpot, a searchable repository of ThoughtSpot blocks and code samples to help developers embed engaging analytics experiences into apps for the modern data stack.

CodeSpot uses the knowledge and experience of ThoughtSpot Everywhere developers, data analysts and engineers to build an ecosystem of shareable assets.

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HP delivers insights

In the final breakout session of the day, Juergen Kallinger, director, risk management & analytics at HP, says analysts now spend almost all of their time on data analytics and very little time on data preparation. In the past, it was the other way around.

In regards to moving away from more analysis-driven tools, the vast majority would benefit from more simple-to-use tools that deliver insights on business data.

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dbt cloud and open source dbt

A new integration to dbt has been announced to help analytics engineers integrate dbt models into ThoughtSpot’s analytics layer.

It also lets analysts and engineers collaborate on transformation workflows using just their shared knowledge of SQL.

ThoughtSpot customers on dbt Cloud or open source dbt will be able to access the integration directly from the newly enhanced Data Workspace. From there, users can connect to their cloud data platform, create searchable views with their own custom SQL commands, and ship their analytics-ready dbt data model to business users throughout their organization.

Disney Streaming Chief Data Officer, Jaya Kolhatkar on stage at Beyond 2022

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Hyper-personalization is key

Disney Streaming’s chief data officer, Jaya Kolhatkar thanks the stage with key insights on getting the most out of data.

Her key take home was that businesses should be data literate. Looking at the insights from the data analyzed and using it accordingly is the recipe for using data to improve a business or service.

Poor data literacy is ranked as the second-biggest internal roadblock to the success of the CDO’s office, according to the Gartner Annual Chief Data Officer Survey.

By 2023, data literacy will become essential in driving business value, demonstrated by its formal inclusion in over 80% of data and analytics strategies and change management programs.

Modern analytics cloud expanded

ThoughtSpot, the Modern Analytics Cloud company, today announced a significant update to the organization’s platform during the Beyond 2022 conference.

These new capabilities include ThoughtSpot Sync, CodeSpot, Bring Your Own Charts, new Liveboard capabilities, and multiple new SpotApps.

Thought Spot Sync lets companies operationalize insights by using automatic trigger actions in other applications and services through APIs.

Bring Your Own Charts is for users who want to engage and see their insights in new ways with charts, graphs, or visualization capabilities.

“With today’s new capabilities, we’re answering the call of customers. Whether they’re looking to bring insights to everyone in their organization, build products and apps with Live Analytics, or launch new use cases, we’re ready to help them make that possible with the Modern Analytics Cloud,” said Ajeet Singh, cofounder & Executive Chairman, Thought Spot.

ThoughtSpot CEO Sudheesh Nair kicking off the keynotes in Las Vegas

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Incoming… Beyond 2022 opening keynotes

ThoughtSpot’s CEO Sudheesh Nair takes center stage with opening notes addressing just how impactful data will be over the next decade.

There’s already lots of new product launches from the company for its customers to bring the modern analytics cloud to their products and services.

Through the use of cloud, ThoughtSpot is planning on transforming how their employees and customers take advantage of data.

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