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How To Know If Your Phone Is Tapped And What To Do To Stop It?

If you are concerned that a stalker, scammer, employer, family, or perhaps even law enforcement is tracking your phone calls, you have come to the right spot. This article will show you how to know if your phone is tapped and what you can do to rectify the problem.

Others easily tap your smartphone, including your neighbors, family, co-workers, and partner. Android phones may be tracked through third-party applications, whereas iPhones require jailbreaking to be spied upon.

If you find that your phone is being monitored, you should not be worried. Here are several easy methods for determining if your phone is being tapped. In addition, we have discussed techniques to stop it. So, let’s get started!

6 Ways To Know If Your Phone Is Tapped

Here are some easy ways to check if your phone is being tapped.

1. Unwanted Applications and Ads

It is easy to become excessively familiar with your operating system, and as a result, you forget half of its applications. But you must know precisely what is on your phone, particularly the background apps. They might be harmful if you haven’t installed them.

For example, fraudulent applications have been discovered in the App Store for iDevices. These were previously suspected of containing the Trojan virus; however, they were merely adware that displayed dangerous advertisements to users.

Adware may be used to collect data and open a backdoor for hackers, therefore promoting the installation of other malicious software. These advertisements might become annoying to entice victims to click on them, even accidentally, and earn money by pay-per-click.

Remember that clicking on any link might lead to more viruses. Apple deleted those applications, but they might still exist on older systems and are a great example of malware applications. Malware can produce substantial ad traffic, hence increasing data use.

2. Strange Sounds During Calls

The presence of clicking sounds, static, or distant voices during phone calls may indicate that you are being spied upon. It is not normal for modern phones on digital networks. Your phone may have been tapped if you hear fragmentary sounds on your phone.

3.General Performance Problems

The more data that is used, the slower your phone will be. Spyware can get root access to your cellphone or fool you into downloading a bogus system update to control your actions completely. The information about the victim might subsequently be sent to the hackers’ remote server.

Consider all the data being transferred to and from your device. It will slow down your gadget, and you may assume that it occurs because your smartphone is getting old. No matter what method a cybercriminal chooses to bug your phone, you will experience performance delays.

Real applications will consume power, but they shouldn’t impact the responsiveness of your smartphone. You can determine which applications consume the most RAM. Photos and Music will likely be at the top of the list.

4. It takes a long time to turn off the phone

Before a smartphone may shut down, it must complete all processing activities. If your phone is delivering data to someone, it must finish the transfer before powering off.

If a phone takes longer than usual to switch off, especially after a call, text message, email, or online browsing, it may be transferring information to a third party.

5. The battery temperature gets warm

The temperature of your battery is another indication of a possible phone tap. If your phone seems hot even when you have not used it, it may secretly transfer data. However, this is simply a possible sign.

6. Receiving strange text messages

Are you receiving creepy text messages with random numbers? The remote control element of spy software delivers hidden coded text messages to your phone, which can sometimes be viewed if the software is not operating correctly. If this occurs frequently, you may have a surveillance app installed on your phone.

What To Do If Your Phone Is Tapped?

If your phone is being tapped, follow the steps below to remove any spyware or tapping software from your phone.

1. Reset your mobile device

If someone has downloaded spyware on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you may remove it by returning your device to its factory settings. It won’t help if police forces monitor your calls via your carrier, but it will be useful if you’re the victim of a scammer or hacker.

Resetting your phone might alert whoever is monitoring it. Leave your phone behind and look for in-person assistance from law authorities if you are in danger.

2. Contact your phone provider for support

If you think that your (landline) phone is being tapped, you can ask your phone provider to check using expert equipment. Standard line analysis conducted by the phone provider will discover the majority of illegal wiretapping, hearing devices, lower frequencies devices, and phone line splice. If your carrier refuses to cooperate, they may be implementing a government request.

3. Use Android Forwarding Codes

It only works on Android-powered devices, but it is the ideal approach to determine whether your data is being shared with a third party. You may maintain your confidentiality and privacy with hidden USSD codes.

Navigate to your keypad interface and enter *#21*, *#67#, or *#62#, then tap the dial icon. If one does not perform, try another. They are relevant to different devices, but they all serve the same purpose: directing you to a screen with information on Call Forwarding.

It will display Calls, Data, SMS, etc. Ideally, each should state “Not forwarded” If any, instead say “Forwarded,” your smartphone has likely been compromised.

So what are your options? Enter ##002# into the dial screen and hit the dial symbol again. Your screen should now display “Erasure was successful,” indicating that the cyberattack stopped. Tap OK to go away from this screen.

4. Go to the police

If you have proof that your phone is being tapped, you should have the police investigate. Most police stations have the equipment necessary to test your phone for a bug or tapping device, but they may be unwilling to use it if you cannot provide sufficient evidence that your worries are valid.

5.Try to get a pre-paid phone

If your phone is tapped, purchasing an inexpensive prepaid phone from a retailer that does not need identification is an excellent approach to protect your privacy. Use this phone to call authorities, hotlines, or anyone else you need to speak with for increased security. A prepaid smartphone does not stop surveillance by law enforcement agencies.


One of the most important things to remember if you want to learn how to tell whether your phone is being tapped is to look out for symptoms such as strange background sounds during phone calls, an increase in data consumption, and an increase in battery life, among others.

After confirming that your phone conversations and handset activities are being tracked, you can take some of the methods listed above to avoid spyware.

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