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Ridgefield schools, Boys and Girls Club to launch before-school care to help working parents

RIDGEFIELD — Finding cost-effective and reliable child care before and after school has typically been a challenge for working parents, especially with children in elementary school.

That’s why the school district has launched a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Ridgefield to offer a new, cost-effective, before-school program in the fall.

The program, announced at Monday’s school board meeting, will be for parents with children in three elementary schools with late-arrival start times — Barlow Mountain Elementary School, Farmingville Elementary School and Veterans Park Elementary School. They all start the school day at 9 am

“We heard from parents who had problems finding day care,” Ridgefield Superintendent Susie Da Silva said. “We surveyed parents at all six elementary schools and discovered parents at our three late-arrival schools had the most challenges. We worked with other communities to see what was affordable for them.

“We looked at private and nonprofit organizations to see what they had to offer. Cost, transportation, location and programming were all factors in determining who we would select. We also wanted kindergarten students included.”

Assistant Superintendent Cory Gillette and Ridgefield Elementary School Director Linda Johnson did the research and Johnson sent out the surveys in March. The decision was to partner with an organization centrally located in town, the Boys and Girls Club of Ridgefield.

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