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Sorry, quantum computing is not as mind-blowing as you assume

The world of quantum mechanics is unusual. It is a microscopic realm based mostly on particles and possibilities the place the act of observing a quantum system appears to trigger it to vary. confused? You are not alone. In 1964, Nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman famously stated: “No one understands quantum mechanics.”

At the moment, machines at the moment are being developed to harness the unusual world of quantum mechanics. The place conventional computer systems (opens in new tab) use bits – which might be both a 0 or a 1 – quantum computer systems use qubits (quantum bits). And these may be anyplace between a 0 and a 1, on the identical time.

In regards to the creator

Dr. Luuk Earl is a quantum engineer at quantum computing firm Common Quantum (opens in new tab).

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