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The future of hospitality technology. This time it’s personal.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. An article about hospitality tech written by a hospitality tech company. But we like to think the topic is a little more nuanced (and we’re a little more honest) than just brazenly selling our products.

In fact, with the cost of literally everythingskyrocketing, it’s a good time to look at how tech is helping venues across the UK do more with what they already have. Because hospitality tech has come a long way from downloading glitchy apps in a pavement marquee – in fact, many venues have done away with the idea of ​​using an ordering app, choosing seamless solutions that customers hardly notice until they pay the bill.

So below, we’re sharing some thoughts about how recent innovations in hospitality tech are supporting venues and their staff, and offsetting the rising costs of business by maximizing their revenue potential.

An extra pair of hands

A seamless customer experience is about giving your service team room to breathe, especially during the peak summer periods, or even through the challenging winter ahead. Tech can be a cost-effective and simple way to take the weight off your team by introducing a range of solutions to address different customer needs.

As an example, many top-of-the-range pubs function as bustling bars, packed event spaces, gourmet restaurants and quality hotels all in one. This can leave even the largest and most resilient teams overwhelmed with dealing with so many different areas of service.

For these venues, flexibility is key. The same guest might want to order at the bar indoors, order from their phone from her in the garden, and just use their phone from her to pay their bill in the restaurant. So, you should let them.


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