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Why Ought to You Study the Leo Programming Language

Studying a brand new programming language is widespread to hardened builders. The common programmer can rise up to hurry in 3-4 weeks, and may usually be taught 2-3 new languages ​​in a 12 months. Is Leo value your consideration? How promising is it? Let’s discover out.

The Leo language is similar to Rust

Leo is a statically-typed programming language constructed for the Aleo blockchain. You may construct personal functions in a totally personal decentralized blockchain utilizing it, mainly Solidity however for Aleo.

Let’s evaluate the syntax of the best mathematical operations:

An instance of a easy program for Leo:

Identical for Rust:

As we are able to see, each languages ​​have about the identical syntax, however they differ considerably within the input-output construction. Whereas in Leo we are able to combine variables from a separate inputs file, in Rust you’ll be able to’t do that by default (you’ll be able to solely do it when you describe the import file manually). That is as a result of construction of the Aleo blockchain — it is centered on anonymity, and builders felt that inputs needs to be described in a separate file. Attempt it for your self: <- on-line compiler for Leo <- on-line compiler for Rust

Let’s take a fast run by the fundamentals of Leo:

Leo helps the let and const key phrases for outlining variables.

let you outline a devoted program variable.

const you outline a relentless program variable.

Fixed variables don’t outline a variable in a constraint system. Their worth is constrained within the schema when computing with the allotted variable. fixed variables can’t be changeable. They’ve the identical performance as Rust.

Calculations are expressed when it comes to R1CS arithmetic circuits. Thus, calculating a specific variable all the time ends in one other chosen variable.


All variables in Leo are immutable – they can’t be modified after the project, similar to in Rust. All variables in Leo are modifiable – they are often modified after the project. Variable performance isn’t preserved in several areas as a result of Leo variables are handed by worth.

Static typing

Leo is a language with static typing, which signifies that we should know the kind of every variable earlier than executing the schema.

Express sorts are required.

There isn’t any undefined or null worth in Leo. When assigning a brand new variable, the kind of the worth have to be express. An exception to this rule is that if the brand new variable inherits its sort from a earlier variable.

Worth passing

Variables in Leo are all the time handed by worth, which signifies that they’re all the time copied when used as enter to a perform or in assignments.

Boolean values

Leo helps conventional tuples or boolean values. Including an express boolean sort for boolean values ​​in statements is non-obligatory.


Leo helps signed integers i8, i16, i32, i64, i128 and unsigned integers u8, u16, u32, u64, u128

Integers with greater bit lengths create extra restrictions within the scheme, which might decelerate the calculation time.

From the above, we are able to conclude that studying Leo won’t take a lot time for Rust builders. Nonetheless, the query for Aleo builders is, “How can we encourage builders to change from Rust to Leo?” Since skilled builders are in demand, the mission places excessive stakes on the road. There’s an Aleo grant program for this function:

Grant Program for Excellent Builders

In an effort to encourage certified builders to affix Aleo, the mission has launched a grant program:

Builders can ask for as much as $100,000 for his or her work. Nonetheless, the upper the amount of cash requested, the upper the extent of labor required. This is an instance of a number of the grant program winners:

Pine Road Labs: – mainly is a pockets software program builder.

Partnership with Forte: – recreation creating (Probably not a grant recipient since it is not a startup)

Now let’s evaluate the common earnings of a complicated Rust developer:

Let’s check out

On common, a Center-Senior Rust developer can earn as much as $150,000 a 12 months (each Blockchain and Web2 examples). How rather more (or much less) than what might be earned at Leo? Nobody is aware of, however you’ll be able to definitely anticipate a excessive wage for the reason that Leo developer labor market is clearly not essentially the most aggressive. Most builders I do know are feeling snug constructing their very own issues, reminiscent of NFT collections or DAOs, and so are you able to. You continue to can earn whereas being self-employed. Extra exactly, it is not aggressive in any respect – you’ll be able to turn out to be considered one of Leo’s first programmers proper now!

The place to begin? Studying Leo isn’t the toughest job, as a result of the present mission’s lovers are already doing a terrific job getting ready to coach supplies for Leo! Simply go to the official Aleo Discord channel to search for translations in any language:

Additionally, you can begin studying with official Leo docs:

Good luck in your endeavors!

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